Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow and LAN games!

Yesterday, 12-16-07 we woke up to the most snow of any day this year! Nearly a foot of snow had fallen, so I spent about two hours shoveling our driveway so we could get to Syracuse where there was a LAN party at my father-in-law's house.

The roads weren't awful, but once we got to the Woodland Acres drive, it was terrible! The ruts in the snow were well over a foot high, and the road hadn't been plowed yet. Our little Forenza had quite the ordeal getting the final few hundred yards, but it was well worth it!

We started off with a little Unreal Tournament 2003, then we played MOHAA (Medal of Honor Allied Assault) with the freeze tag modification. Lastly we played Call of Duty 4. It was an overall fun time for those who braved the elements.

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