Friday, July 17, 2009

The Bargain Hunter Customer Website

The Bargain Hunter, based out of Warsaw, Indiana is expanding rapidly. There will be 10 stores within the coming months. I've been workng on their customer website, Bargain Hunter Stores lately, although it's not done yet. I'm having fun with it, and the majority of it is viewable now.

I built the graphics from scratch in Photoshop, and played around with a flash version of the site before deciding that I could accomplish it in dreamweaver without flash, and still get the same look. Hopefully Google will like this version better than a flash version. I can at least tag the site and have it indexed predictably by them.

I have been studying up the S.E.O. technology that is available and I have been applying it liberally to all the websites I design and update. The website maintenance and updating business is the wave of the future. Rank well on Google, and you'll make more money, surely.

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